Hey Colorado friends I haven’t met yet!


It’s that time of year again, the time when everyone starts settling into the new year. There’s something I’ve always found really lovely about January, and its sense of new beginnings.

So what is it you want but haven’t figured out how to get yet?


Come join my latest Success Team and find out! If you’re not sure what your wish/goal is, and we’ll huddle down and figure it out together!


We will need to be at least 4 of us (maximum of 6), and we will meet in Superior once a week for 8 weeks, for approximately 2 hours each week.

The cost is $450, and that includes a workbook and a 90-minute solo session with me in addition to the regular team meetings so I can get to know you and your dreams a little bit better.


If you don’t already have a copy of Barbara’s “Wishcraft”, you will want to get one, or if you don’t mind reading it on your computer, it is available for free online.


Let’s look at getting started on Saturday, January 20th, and we will finish up on March 3rd.


You can email me at kimberly@beweirdmakemoney.com and let me know you are interested and while you’re there go ahead and ask any questions you have!