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Being weird and making money means…

  • Getting to dive deep into interests, passions, hobbies and make money doing it.
  • Being able to self-express and make a living without harassment.
  • Not having to hide who you are in order to make a buck.
  • Being able to live a lifestyle YOU want, not the one you were told to want.
  • Keeping the hours/schedule you like to keep.
  • Making money in fun ways to support your hobbies.
  • Not having to listen to people telling you to “Tone it down”.
  • Indulging in and profiting from your quirky genius.
  • Having a lot more fun than a job-job can provide.
  • Choosing a “Life First, Work Second” ® approach.
  • Knowing that you have more than one passion, and so you can also have more than one stream of income.
  • Knowing that there doesn’t have to be just “The ONE” when it comes to making money. You might have seasonal work that fulfills different interests at different times.

I’ve found that creative people don’t often think in terms of making money with their talent- or if they have, they haven’t yet figured out how to get started or, more importantly, how to GET PAID for doing it. It can feel weird, to think that you could get paid for having fun, what you love doing most, or that which comes easily to you, but I promise- it can happen. As a Profit From Your Passions ® small business idea consultant, what I help people do is identify different ways to combine their interests and talents to create completely unique, individualized businesses from which they can profit. Once we figure out what your specialty (or specialties), I will provide you with the ideas, tools, resources, direction and support you need to turn it into a living.


What I do isn’t for everybody though. This is NOT: a quick-fix fast-money scheme, a silver bullet, or a magic formula- real businesses that last need some time and commitment if they’re going to be worthwhile.


I’m also not for you if you are looking for a job. There are plenty of other coaches, consultants and programs out there who can help you with that way better than I can. And that’s okay- the world’s businesses need you- they can’t function without employees. But that’s not what I help people with. So, if that’s your path, good luck in your search!


But, if you are ready to stop dreading work, stop hiding your Self, and start figuring out how YOU can Be Weird, AND Make Money, head over to the Work With Me! page http://www.beweirdmakemoney.com/services  and get signed up!