Boulder Colorado Success Team, 8 Saturdays starting January 21st, 11 a.m. MST, (approximately 90 mins each meeting) $450. There will also be 1, one-on-one session with me to help you fine-tune your ideas, to be scheduled once we get started.

In this 8-week workshop you will:

  • Identify your wish/goal
  • Figure out how to work around obstacles
  • Support others and be supported
  • Learn how to have an Idea Party (which is one of the best obstacle-busting techniques EVER!)
  • Make significant progress towards your chosen goal

Created by Barbara Sher, she writes: “Forty years ago, more or less, I created Success Teams and the 8-Week Workshop that launches each team successfully. Four to six team members get together on one goal: to do everything they can to help each other achieve their dreams and live a life they love.

Why does it help to do this with a team of strangers instead of on your own? Well, look at what you have achieved in your life already: How did you manage to finish high school or college or a trade school? Was it your loving (or dysfunctional) family? No, it was a bunch of strangers who expected you to show up and do the work, and they didn’t much care if you felt confident or loved yourself. There were people in your life who sometimes pointed out what a great job you were doing or inspired you by doing a great job themselves.

That’s how we got things done. The presence of other people, basically other strangers, made the difference. Your family and close friends were often less than thrilled about you making changes. Those changes might affect them, or worry them. And that’s not all. Most of our friends and family, even if they wanted very much to help, knew only the people and the worlds you already knew. If they were lawyers, they didn’t understand anything about you being an artist. If they were artists, they didn’t know how to help you become a lawyer.

To do the things you’ve dreamed of you need other people, plain and simple, and the best help you can get is from people you don’t even know yet. That’s what Success Teams are for.

Sher Success Teams

My dream was to find a way to put anyone into a great support team made of helpful strangers, and 40 years ago I figured out how to do it. I’m prouder of Success Teams than any other idea I’ve ever come up with. And they have made a huge difference in so many people’s lives! Each year more Sher Success Teams leaders all around the world are creating these Success Teams using a kit and audio I created for them.

If you long to go after a dream, they are ready to help. How does the whole thing work? It’s pretty simple: You meet for two hours a week for those eight weeks. You’ll learn how to help each other, explore your dreams, choose a goal, and go after it step by step. They’ll see to it that you meet your first milestone, and then they’ll throw an Idea Party to bring in their friends (again, strangers to you) from many different worlds to come up with even more ideas for for making your dreams come true — including dealing with any obstacles you confront. That’s the secret to success. Every time. And it works.”


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